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Like many Mainers, you probably know people, maybe a sister, a grandparent, a neighbor, who have struggled to free themselves from  addiction. 

In fact, nearly 1 in 10 Maine residents over age 12 use illicit drugs each month. A significant number of these Mainers abuse prescription medications. Tragically, from 2008-2012 an average of 92% of drug abuse overdose deaths were caused by prescription medications.

Diversion Alert, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization provides innovative, relationship building resources to divert communities back to addressing the root causes of addiction. A leader in the field of prevention, Diversion Alert, uses a multifaceted approach including Developmental Assets, Community Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Evaluation; as well as an innovative database to aid medical providers in identifying and responding to patients engaged in illegal drug activities or at risk for overdose, 

A valuable piece of the puzzle, Diversion ALert provides an ounce of prevention and evidence-based strategies for the cure. 

Make An Impact and join Diversion Alert in addressing the root cause of addiction through a community based approach. Your donation is vital to the continuation of this valuable prevention resource throughout the State of Maine. 


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